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Pollack and Rosen, P.A.

Anonymous Complaint Reporting


Pollack and Rosen’s goal is to provide services without discrimination or prejudice of any kind or nature and to comply with all laws, statutes, rules, regulations, requirements and applicable governing principles. If you believe that you have experienced or witnessed a violation of these principles, we want you to report it to us. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and will vigorously investigate any allegation of a breach of those standards. If we validate your complaint, we will take appropriate action to remedy the situation.

All complaints may be made anonymously or you may provide your contact information if you want us to send you a report of our investigation and action. It is your choice as to whether to provide your identifying information or remain totally anonymous. Whichever choice you make will not affect our investigation and action on your complaint in any manner.

Employees of Pollack and Rosen are required to report all known or suspected violations of our policies and procedures as well as any regulatory violations.

Please provide the nature of your complaint and the details below.

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